Looking to transform your life in amazing ways? Look no further than counselling services!

Why get counselling from Spectrum Support Network?


Virtual counselling is like having a therapist in your pocket! So ditch the hassle of commuting and waiting rooms, and start enjoying the convenience of virtual counselling.


Say goodbye to the high cost of traditional in-person counselling and hello to the budget-friendly alternative of virtual counselling. NDIS support can also provide financial assistance.


The beauty of virtual counselling is that you can speak to a therapist in a non-judgmental environment.


We take privacy very seriously. Feel confident in opening up in the areas you need assistance with so that you get the help you deserve.

Friendly Care

Whether you want to talk about your problems or just shoot the breeze, virtual counselling is the perfect way to get the support you need while having a good laugh (or two) along the way.

Ways we Connect to the User

Video Call

Connect with our professional counsellors from the comfort of your own home! Our virtual counselling service offers flexible and convenient counselling sessions through Video Calls


Get ready to connect with a caring counsellor at the touch of a button with our messenger counselling services! Our platform allows you to communicate with a professional counsellor through text messaging, so you can receive the support you need in a way that feels comfortable and convenient for you.

Other Option

We understand that not everyone is a fan of video calls. That's why we offer a range of other virtual counselling options, such as phone calls or messenger messaging, to make sure you can receive the support you need in a way that works best for you.